Spring Hill PTO partners with AtoZ Connect to create a private online directory for the exclusive use of Spring Hill students, parents and staff. The directory is to be used solely for school business (emailing teachers and other parents, contacting room parents, scheduling play dates, inviting students to birthday parties, etc.) The use of contact information for solicitation is prohibited.

During the first few weeks of school, FCPS provided parent emails and student homeroom assignments will be uploaded to the directory. At any time, you can update contact information, add data such as address and phone numbers, or hide individual pieces of information.

The Spring Hill Directory is one of the ways room parents gather contact information to communicate news, class/grade event information, volunteer opportunities & more.

Make sure your information is up-to-date to stay informed!

Please login and verify your data.

Accessing the Online Student Directory

  • PC: If you are a parent who has previously registered for the Spring Hill online student directory or you were listed in the directory last year, you can access the online student directory at
  • App: You can also access the student directory from your mobile phone (the AtoZ Connect app is available for iOS and Android). See for more information including a video tutorial. Search for “AtoZConnect” in the App Store or Google Play or click on the links below.
  • Account Help: If you don’t know your username and password, go to the Password Reminder Page and enter your e-mail address. An e-mail will be sent to you with your username and password.
  • Need more help? See AtoZ’s User Support page for how-to articles & FAQs.

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New Family Registration

If you are new to Spring Hill Elementary, please perform the following steps to register for access to the Spring Hill online student directory. Even if you are already registered with A to Z for another school, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Don’t have an account? Signup Now” link below the login box.
  3. Enter School Zip Code of “22102.”
  4. Select “Spring Hill Elementary” from the Select School drop down list.
  5. Enter the information requested on each tab of the request form.  Make sure to complete the Add Home, Add Students and Add Parents tabs as these allow the system to verify that your family does not already exist in the Spring Hill Directory. 
  6. Please allow a few days for your request to be processed. Once the information is checked, your request will be approved and an email will be sent to you from If you have not received an email within a few days, please check your SPAM email folder and/or contact

Family Data Verification

Each fall, parents will need to verify the information in the directory prior to the deadline. Verification is the best way for you to add OR remove contact information. If you have chosen to opt-out of including any of your data in the past, please make sure your settings have not changed over the summer. If your contact information changes during the year, you can update it at any time by logging into These changes will be immediately published in the online directory.

You may add information such as phone numbers and addresses. You may also hide certain information that you don’t want others to be able to see by selecting “hide” to the right of the entry, but we encourage you to not delete it.

OPT OUT of Directory
If you do NOT want ANY part of your family’s household information to include your child’s homeroom assignment to be included in the directory, you have the option to “opt-out”.

  1. After you login, click on the dashboard menu icon (box with 3 lines in the upper left corner ) and go to My Account > My Family Info.
  2. Under Households, click the Edit button.
  3. After you verify/modify your household information, scroll to the bottom to see the Opt Out option.
  4. Select YES, only if you do NOT want ANY of your household information to be published in the directory. This will action will remove all references to your family from the viewable directory.
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Q:  How can I hide certain information in the directory?

A:  When you Edit your household data, you can hide specific information by selecting the Hide button to the right of each field.  Note, you will only see the option when you place your cursor next to the individual fields. You can also hide specific information for a parent or student as well.

Q:  What happens if I do NOT login and verify my data?

A:  If you do not verify your data, then the directory will only show your household names and email addresses. Unless you included them in previous years, your address and phone numbers will not be listed.

Q:  What if my children reside at multiple households?

A:  If your children reside at different households and you would like the contact information listed separately, it is possible for you to create a second household. Go to the My Account > My Family Info screen accessed by clicking on the 3 lines in the upper left corner. Then add a second household in the household section. Make sure to edit each student to indicate that they are linked with each address (household.) If you have any questions about the process, please contact

Q:  Will I receive a printed copy of the directory?

A:  In the past, Spring Hill PTO members received a printed directory. Due to the pandemic, a printed directory will not be published during the 2020-2021 school year. You can always access the latest version of the directory online. The online version updates immediately when changes are made throughout the year.

Q:  What if I have children at different schools that both use AtoZ?

A:  You will need to verify the information for each child via the school specific login. After that, you can use one account to access the directories of the different schools.

Please contact the Directory Committee at with any questions.

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