AtoZ Connect manages our private student directory for the exclusive use of Spring Hill students, parents and staff. An updated directory site is here for the 2023-2024 school year – you must visit the new site to create a new account (if you are a new Spring Hill family) or update your information (if you are a returning Spring Hill family). 

The deadline to register/update your account is October 15.

Accessing the Online Student Directory

  1. To access the AtoZ Online Student Directory visit our AtoZ site at
  2. Click “Register/Login” on the homepage to begin. 
  3. If you are new to Spring Hill, please click “Create a New Account.” You will create a password and then receive an email to verify your email address. Once you verify your email address, you will be prompted to fill out the My Account forms.
  4. If you are a returning Spring Hill parent, please log in with the email address/password that you set up last year.  Once you log in, you will be prompted to update your family’s information by going through the My Account forms.
  5. When you complete/update the My Account forms, please be sure to include your student’s teacher using the drop down menu in the “My Family Information” section. You can also set your Directory Publish Preferences while in your account.
  6. Be sure to register and download the NEW Membership Toolkit mobile app in the Apple App Store or Google Play for mobile directory access (the previous AtoZ app is no longer valid).


Please contact the Directory Committee at with any questions.