Staff Appreciation Week

We are SWEET on our Spring Hill Staff!

May 6th – 10th

We are SWEET on our Spring Hill Staff!

Our marquee event for the year is quickly approaching – Staff Appreciation Week runs from May 6th – 10th with special events planned each day of the week.  It is the SHE staff’s favorite week of the year!

This year we’ll be transforming the school into a virtual candy land, with the theme of “We are SWEET on our Spring Hill Staff!”.  Planning and preparing for this event is both fun and rewarding, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.  More information and sign-ups will go out as we get closer to the date.  Be sure to volunteer for our committee using the form below.

Staff Shout Outs – Note of Appreciation

The theme of Staff Appreciation Week this year is all about the sweet tooth we have for our Spring Hill staff.  So let’s show them how lucky we are with a NOTE OF APPRECIATION.

Your child will receive a Staff Shout Out template with two candies for your child to express their appreciation. Each candy may address a different staff member if your child wishes.

  1. Spring Hill is SWEET because:
    • Please have your child write a word, phrase or picture telling us what they like about Spring Hill.  It can be a teacher, a class, an activity or a favorite memory.
  2. Thank you for always…
    • Please have your child write a word or phrase about something their teacher does for them. Anything goes here to show appreciation! It can be a thank you note, compliment, memory, picture or simply a word describing a teacher.
    • Please include the name of the teacher.
    • Please have your child PRINT their NAME, the TEACHER NAME, and TEACHER GRADE/SPECIAL they are writing about on the lines provided.

Have your child:

  1. Fill out the Staff Shout Out Candy Template.
  2. CUT OUT the candies
  3. DECORATE IT if they wish
  4. RETURN them to the “Staff Shout Out” envelope on their homeroom teacher’s door.

All Candy templates must be returned by April 30th. 

We will decorate the school with these candies during Staff Appreciation Week.

Feel free to make additional copies of this template (in any color) if your child would like to do more than two.


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How can you help?

These Staff Appreciation events cannot be successful without the help of our SHE families.  We hope you can join us and sign up to support the Staff Appreciation Committee.

We welcome volunteers who will:

  • Purchase and donate items
  • Cook or bake tasty treats
  • Give a helping hand during any of our events
  • Setup/Clean-up for our events

As an event draws closer,  we will reach out to the Spring Hill parent community with specific requests for help with a sign-up for volunteers and donation requests.

Be a Staff Appreciation Volunteer

If you would like to help the Staff Appreciation Committee, please consider being a Staff Appreciation Volunteer.  You will be notified of donation requests and volunteer opportunities for upcoming events.  Please fill out the I want to be a Staff Appreciation Volunteer form below.  If you have been a Staff Appreciation Volunteer in the past, please complete the form so that our contact information is up to date.

Thanks in advance for your support and helping the PTO show appreciation for our outstanding Spring Hill Staff.  We welcome any ideas and suggestions you may have.

If you have any questions, please contact the Staff Appreciation Committee at

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