Fun Fair – Coming Soon

Mark Your Calendars:

Spring Hill’s 54th Annual Fun Fair

Saturday March 14, 2020

from 10 am – 3 pm

Fun Fair is one of the most exciting days of the year at Spring Hill Elementary School!  For five hours, our school building is transformed into a carnival with fun for all ages that brings our community together to support Spring Hill’s PTO. This school tradition brings smiles to all faces with five hours of games, raffles, face painting, prizes, delicious food, the cake walk and so much more!

Please plan for your family to attend, and for at least one adult in your household to volunteer to help make this a fun and safe day for our kids!

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Popular Attractions at Fun Fair

Zoo Dip
Once again you can count on this old favorite for your enjoyment.  No Fun Fair would be complete without Zoo Dip. Enter our fun-filled rooms, overflowing with fabulous stuffed animals of all sizes and take your chance to win one to take home.  It’s a blast to play, so make sure to stop by.

Sandy Candy
The ever-popular Sandy Candy lets you fill foot-long straws with delicious, brightly colored powdered candy.

Nalley’s Barbershop
This is the place to be to get a new look for Fun Fair.  Mr. Nalley will give you a snazzy new haircut with your parent’s permission, or just get some hair paint sprayed in to look festive for the fair.

Fun with Faculty Raffle
The Faculty Raffle is a chance to win experiences with wonderful Spring Hill staff!  Each experience raffle entry is free, but winners must pay $25 for each experience they win.  Please note that participation in some of the experiences is limited to specific grades or groups.

The Fun Fair Raffle is your chance to win prizes from dozens of selections.  Simply put your name and telephone number on the back of a Fun Fair ticket and place it in the box for the raffle item of your choice. There is no limit to how many tickets you can place in a box.  If you have extra tickets, the raffle room is the perfect place to use them!

Cake Decorating Contest (Friday In the Cafeteria)
Students are invited to bake and create a cake expressing this year’s Fun Fair theme. Contest prizes will be awarded in every grade level (K-6).  These amazing cakes will then be used as prizes for the The Fun Fair Cake Walk.

Cake Walk (Saturday)
You can win a cake! Cakes from the Cake Decorating Contest will be used as prizes for the Cake Walk at the Fun Fair.  You can participate in the cake walk and see if you are the lucky one whose number is called when the music stops who gets to take home a delicious cake!

Face Painting
Come to Face Painting and leave with an amazing new look!  Choose from many wonderful designs offered, and sit back, relax, and wait until you see what you look like once the paint dries!

Prize Room
Let’s not forget the always popular Prize Room.  There tokens earned playing games can be turned in for lots of different types of prizes.  There is something for everyone. If you have extra tickets, you can use them to buy candy and small prizes.Visit early and often!

Pizza, Beverages, Popcorn and Cotton Candy
Need a quick bite to eat and a drink?  Grab a slice of pizza, a drink and some delicious cotton candy and popcorn in the cafeteria!

If you have any questions, please contact the Fun Fair Committee Chair at

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