6th Grade Party 2018-2019

6th Grade Party is like a DAY AT THE BEACH

Spring Hill has a wonderful tradition of celebrating the completion of elementary school with the 6th Grade Party. It is an exciting and special daylong event to commemorate our students’ time at Spring Hill ES before they move onto middle school.

The 6th Grade Party will be held on Tuesday, June 11th.

During this day-long celebration, the students will wear their “Class of 2019” T-shirts and have a full day of fun.  They will play outdoor games, race “toilet” scooters, attempt to drench the teachers and staff in the dunk tank, eat a picnic lunch, dance to the jams of the DJ in the beach-themed gym, pose for silly photos in front of the green screen, and guess “who’s who” in the baby photo contest.

The graduates will end the day watching a touching slideshow filled with memories and photos from their final year at Spring Hill ES.

To register your child for this spectacular event, please complete the 6th Grade Party Checklist (STEPS 1 – 4) below by Friday, May 3rd:

  2. STEP 2 – Upload Baby Photo
  3. STEP 3 – Sign-up to Volunteer
  4. STEP 4 (Optional) – Upload Photos for Slideshow
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6th Grade Party Checklist

Please complete STEPS 1 – 4 by Friday, May 3rd


6th Grade Party Tickets = $33/student 

This fee covers the cost of lunch, entertainment, shirts, games, and decorations for each student. Tickets are all-inclusive and non-refundable.  You must purchase a ticket to participate in the activities.  No partial payments will be accepted.

Payments must be made with a credit card ONLINE.

6th Grade Party Tickets button

Tickets must be purchased by Friday, May 3rd. Extended to Sunday, May 5th.

If this fee places an undue financial burden on your family, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to request assistance. All requests will remain confidential.

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STEP 2 – Upload Baby Photo

Upload one baby photo of your child (taken prior to his/her third birthday).  This photo will be used in the Baby Photo Contest. Students will attempt to match their classmates names to these adorable photos. Prizes will be awarded to the three students who correctly match the most names!

In order to track each student’s baby photo appropriately, please use the following naming convention when uploading your child’s photo. ONLY PHOTOS USING THIS NAMING CONVENTION WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE BABY PHOTO CONTEST!

  1. Click on your student’s homeroom teacher’s folder below.
  2. Save your photo WITH THIS TITLE:
    • BP.Student Last Name.Student First Initial.JPEG

Click on the appropriate homeroom class to upload your students baby picture:  

KENELY’s Class Baby Photos
MARGESON’s Class Baby Photos
MINUTOLI’s Class Baby Photos
PAPATHANASSIOU’s Class Baby Photos
SMITH’s Class Baby Photos
SZCZESNY’s Class Baby Photos

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STEP 3 – Sign-up to Volunteer

We need Parent Volunteers! The 6th Grade Party Committee has been busy for months, planning and coordinating this exciting event, but we need your help to make it an enjoyable and memorable event for the graduating students.

We need help decorating the gym the day before the party, running games and events during a shift at the party, and food donations of fruit and treats for the picnic lunch.

Click on the button below to sign-up to Volunteer at 6th Grade Party:  

Volunteer for 6th Grade Party button

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STEP 4 (Optional) – Upload Photos for Slide Show

If you have taken some great photos of your child and his/her friends at SHES this year and would like to contribute them to the 6th Grade Slide Show, you can upload them to Class Slide Show Photos.   

The Slide Show committee will sort and edit the photos to be sure that each 6th grade student is represented in the slide show. Not all photos will be used.

Click on your student’s homeroom class to upload photos that can be used for the slide show:  

KENELY’s Class Slide Show Photos
MARGESON’s Class Slide Show Photos
MINUTOLI’s Class Slide Show Photos
PAPATHANASSIOU’s Class Slide Show Photos
SMITH’s  Class Slide Show Photos
SZCZESNY’s Class Slide Show Photos

Please complete the 6th Grade Party Checklist (STEPS 1 – 4) by Friday, May 3rd

If you have any questions, please contact the 6th Grade Party Committee Chairs at springhillpto6thgradeparty@gmail.com.

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