Attn: Cash Raffle Fundraiser CANCELED

Dear Spring Hill Community,

Due to unforeseen complications, the PTO Cash Raffle Fundraiser has been CANCELED.

Over the last few years the Spring Hill PTO has struggled with the continued decline of funding for our children’s school.  In an effort to make up for this loss, the Cash Raffle was created.

While we followed all of the guidelines regarding state laws and nonprofit organizations, we misinterpreted the guidelines given by FCPS.  Our close partnership with SHES and her community is of the greatest importance to us. We feel that it is in the best interest of our community to support our school’s standing within FCPS district and cancel the raffle.

We are so very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you and your family.  We realize that a lot of time and effort has already been spent on this raffle and we deeply regret any disappointment and aggravation this may cause for your family.

Please follow the instructions below regarding tickets:

  1. If you have not sold your tickets, please have your child return them to school.
  2. If you have sold your tickets, but not submitted the money or stubs, please return the funds to the buyers with our apologies, and return the ticket stubs to the school.  If you need assistance with this please contact us at fundraiser@springhillpto.org.
  3. If you have sold your tickets and submitted your money/stubs, you will receive an email from fundraiser@springhillpto.org regarding reimbursement.
  4. ALL raffle tickets (sold & unsold) must be returned to Spring Hill PTO.  Please return tickets in a sealed envelope and place them in the raffle box in the front office.

raffle stub canceled

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Once again, thank you for your continued support of the PTO.

Denys King
Spring Hill PTO President