Fun Fair Map & Guide (2018-2019)

 Click here for the FUN FAIR 2019 All-Inclusive GUIDESee below for details on this years Fun Fair events.

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Saturday, March 23rd

from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

9:30 am Spirit Kick Off Basketball Game

Come join us at 9:30 am on the blacktop behind the school for a Spirit Kick Off Basketball Contest featuring Teachers vs 6th Graders.  Afterwards, our Panther mascot will lead everyone to the front of the school to officially start Fun Fair.

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Map of Attractions

Here’s our 2019 map to help you find your favorite Fun Fair attractions!2019 Fun Fair Map

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Guide to Fun Fair

Fun with Faculty Experience Raffle – Room 115

The Faculty Raffle is a chance to win experiences with our wonderful Spring Hill staff!  Each participant will be given ten opportunities to win a Fun with Faculty Experience. Each experience raffle entry is free, but winners must pay $25 for each experience they win.  Principal Aiello will draw the winners after Fun Fair closes at 3 pm. Winners will be notified via text and payment will be collected online. Please note that participation in some of the experiences is limited to specific grades or groups.

New this year: students can enter the raffle online from 3/11-3/22!

Raffle – Room 112

The Fun Fair Raffle is where you can win prizes like an iPad, an Xbox, a free party at the Hamlet Pool, and more! Simply put your name and telephone number on the back of a Fun Fair ticket and place it in the box for the raffle item of your choice. There is no limit to how many tickets you can place in a box.  Principal Aiello will draw winners after Fun Fair closes at 3 pm, and winners will be announced on Monday’s Morning Show. If you have extra tickets, the raffle room is the perfect place to use them!  

New this year:  We’ll have raffle boxes for some of our most exciting prizes at the ticket sales table the week before Fun Fair!  So buy some extra discounted tickets and enter the raffle early — even if you won’t be able to join us for Fun Fair day.

Cake Decorating Contest and Cake Walk – Friday & Saturday

The Cake Walk has been a Fun Fair tradition for many years, and it relies on the talents of Spring Hill’s students to bring in their homemade cakes!  So, bake and create an amazing “Panther Pride” themed cake for this year’s Fun Fair Cake Decorating Contest!

Cake Decorating Contest Guidelines – Friday, March 22 in the Cafeteriacake contest

  1. Plan Cake Design
    • Theme-Panther Pride
  2. Go Shopping
    • Cake Ingredients-NO NUTS!
    • Cake Decorations
    • Disposable Cake Box (sold at Walmart) or a disposable aluminum cake/broiler pan with a plastic lid (sold at grocery store)
    • If you use an aluminum pan, please cover with a plastic lid so judges can see your cake-please do not cover with aluminum foil
  3. Bake your cake
    • Decorate a cake with as little help as possible from adults! This shows your own fabulous creativity!
  4. Label the outside of your cake box or put a sticker on the side of aluminum pan with the following:
    • Name
    • Grade
    • Teacher
  5. Bring your cake to the cafeteria Friday, March 22nd, before 8:50 am.

Special Notes:

  • All cakes registered to the contest will be given as prizes for the Cake Walk on Saturday, March 23rd.
  • Once a cake is entered to the contest, it cannot be returned to the baker.
  • Cakes cannot be saved for pick-up once they have been chosen during Cake Walk.

Click here to download the Fun Fair Cake Decorating Guidelines.

Contest prizes will be awarded in every grade level (K-6), plus the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will enjoy an awards assembly hosted by Mrs. Aiello, Mr. Casey, Mrs. Briggs and Mr. Mosher on Friday, March 22 during the school day.

Cake Walk  – Saturday at Fun Fair in Room 125

For only 4 tickets, you can do the Cake Walk! Just like musical chairs, you dance around our circle to the music. If your number is called when the song stops, you are the lucky winner who takes home a cake!  

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Monarch Madness – Room 126

The Green Initiatives Committee invites you to pot plants that will attract our pollinators – the beautiful Monarch butterfly, bees, and birds! Enjoy other environmental-related activities, too!  Come to the Small Pod and plant with us for FREE!

Face Painting – Art Room

Come to Face Painting and leave with an amazing new look!  Choose from many wonderful designs offered, sit back, relax, and wait until you see what you look like once the paint dries!  Awesomeness for 8 tickets!

Karaoke – Cafeteria Stage from 10 am to 2 pm

Take the stage and sing your favorite song!  Karaoke is back and will be as enjoyable as ever.  Show us what you’ve got or just come and cheer on others.  Enjoy your moment in the spotlight for just 6 tickets.

New this year: We’re holding a drawing ahead of time to pick student-teacher duets who will win the free chance to serenade the crowd. Now that’s the Panther Pride spirit!   

Nalley’s Barbershop – Room 117 and 119

This is the place to be to get a new look for Fun Fair.  Mr. Nalley will give you a snazzy new haircut (with your parent’s permission), or just get some hair paint sprayed in, or your nails painted, to look festive for the fair.  All that for only 8 tickets.

Sandy Candy –  Room 124

The ever-popular Sandy Candy returns this year.  Come to the Small Pod and fill foot long straws with delicious, brightly colored powdered candy for only 8 tickets.

Soda Toss – Rooms 109 and 111

Enter our rooms filled with Cokes, Sprite, Dr. Peppers, Orange Crush and more! Your 4 tickets buy you the chance to catch a bottle in your ring, and bring a bubbly beverage home to enjoy!

Zoo Dip – Rooms 114 and 116

No Fun Fair would be complete without Zoo Dips I & II. These fun-filled rooms are overflowing with fabulous stuffed animals of all sizes.  It’s a blast to play, so make sure to stop by. 3-10 tickets are needed for the chance to win your new favorite stuffie.

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Games and Activities – Refer to Map for Locations

Your other favorite games and activities are back!  Plus, we have added Candy Count, Candy Wheel and Tennis Target!  Come and experience them ALL!

Prize Room 113

Let’s not forget the always popular Prize Room.  There tokens earned playing games can be turned in for lots of different types of prizes.  There is something for everyone. If you have extra tickets, you can use them to buy candy and small prizes priced between 1 and 4 tokens with an exchange rate of 1 token = 2 tickets.  Visit early and often!

Free Tote Bags – At the Door

Upon arriving at Fun Fair, be sure to pick up your free tote bag at the front door entrance (available while supplies last).  You’ll need it to keep track of all your loot. Many thanks to the T.E.A. Center and Dr. Chand with McLean Family Dentistry for this donation!

Pizza and Beverages – Cafeteria

Need a quick bite to eat and a drink?  Grab a slice of pizza and a beverage in the cafeteria!  This year we will offer pizza, bottled water, juice boxes, canned sodas and Gatorade.

Popcorn and Cotton Candy – Cafeteria

Delicious cotton candy and popcorn will be for sale in the cafeteria.  This year, you’ll pay for these Fun Fair favorites with cash (not tickets).


There will be limited parking at the school and Spring Hill Rec Center. The Hamlet Pool and has kindly offered additional parking.  Feel free to use the lots at these locations or consider walking, biking or carpooling.  In the past, tickets have been given for parking in illegal, undesignated spots around the school and in subdivisions.  

Guidance and Assistance – Main Office

In the event of an emergency, come to the main office or alert one of the security volunteers in the security vests.  Please remember to arrange meeting times and locations with your children if you are separated.

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Buy early and save!

Online (2/28-3/15), Lobby (3/18-3/22), At the Door with a price bump (3/23)

Tickets are needed for games, activities and the Fun Fair Raffle.

Map & Guide ticket info v2

See below to determine how many tickets are required for your favorite games and activities.

TIP: If you have any unused tickets, use them in the raffle!  Names and phone numbers are required for tickets used in the raffle (and a good idea in case a bag of tickets gets lost!)  

FF Ticket & Activity Guide

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Fun Fair 2019 Logo

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If you have any questions, please contact the Fun Fair Committee Chair at

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