Fall 2018 OSA – CLOSED


Fall 2018 Session for Outside School Activities (OSA) is now CLOSED!

The PTO is proud to offer a variety of outside school enrichment programs taught by our talented Spring Hill teachers and various vendors held before and after school.

There is NO registration fee for Spring Hill PTO members.  Non-members may register for an additional $8 fee per class. You must be a PTO member prior to registering for OSA to receive the member price for classes.

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Fall 2018 OSA Class List

For more information on OSA and class details, download the OSA Fall 2018 Class List and Schedule here.

OSA Information and Policies

Class Times, Dates, and Locations

  1. OSA classes will meet for 9 or 12 weeks between October 9th and January 4th, unless otherwise indicated.  
  2. Classes will be held 8–8:45 am before school and 3:45–4:45 pm after school, with the exception of Gym classes which end at 4:30 pm.
  3. There are no activities on days that school is closed or afternoon classes when there is early dismissal. Classes skip weeks for holidays or school events such as Book Fair.  
  4. All aspects of class offerings (locations, fees, dates, times, grade requirements, maximum/minimum enrollment and/or instructors) are subject to change.

Registration and Payment

  1. There is NO registration fee for active Spring Hill PTO members. Non-PTO members of the Spring Hill community may register for an additional $8 fee per class. If you are not an active PTO member, you are encouraged to visit www.springhillpto.org/join-the-pto and become a member prior to starting the online registration process.  (Families must re-join the PTO each and every school year to be active members.)
  2. OSA registration is online only at the PTO website https://www.springhillpto.org
  3. Children are not permitted to attend class without advance registration and payment.  Any unregistered child who arrives for a class will be sent to the school office to wait for their parents.
  4. Once a class reaches maximum capacity, students may choose to be added to a wait list.  Openings, if any, will be filled from the wait list on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Withdrawals and Refunds

  1. Please consider class choices carefully as refunds will NOT be given beyond the registration period.
  2. Requests to withdraw received prior to the close of the registration period will be refunded, minus a processing fee of $10.
  3. Requests to withdraw received after the close of registration will NOT be refunded.

Class Cancellation

  1. In the event that a class is cancelled for a particular day, we will do our best to offer a make-up class, however,  a make-up class is not guaranteed.
  2. In the event that your child misses class on a day that the class is held, no make-up class will be offered.
  3. No refunds will be given for missed or cancelled classes.

Pick Up/Late Pick Up/Behavior

    1. Children MUST be picked up at the class location after each class by their parents or other designated adult.  Children will NOT be permitted to meet parents outside school or at kiss and ride or walk home from classes. Please respect this policy.
    2. Parents must park in a legal parking spot while picking up their child(ren) and may not park or stand in the bus circle.
    3. Children may be removed from participating in their class(es) and future participation may be denied if they are picked up late from class two times. In the case of late pick-up, parents will be billed for the extra time.
    4. Children may be removed from participating in their class(es) and future participation may be denied if they exhibit persistent behavior problems before, during or after their classes.

Please contact OSA Committee Chair with any questions at springhillPTOOSA@gmail.com

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