Panther Fund 2018-2019

Donate to the Panther Fund

Please Donate to the Panther Fund

Where FCPS funding ends, Spring Hill families leap in!

The Panther Fund (also known as the Fall Fundraiser) is our direct donation fundraiser and is the best way to support the PTO and Spring Hill Elementary School .  The population of our school is growing and FCPS does not have the funds to keep up with the needs of our students.  We need your help! The PTO was designed to help fill the needs of our children and the Panther Fund is the most effective way to support our school.   Where FCPS ends, Spring Hill families leap in!

The Panther Fund/Fall Fundraiser directly support our budgeted activities and events such as STEAM week, library books, field trips, gardens, cultural assemblies, teacher classroom funds, and Parent University.  Funds raised from additional PTO events are have gone to the purchase of computers, stage curtain, books, and much more.

In the last few years the PTO has purchased:

  • $32,000 in computers to replace old ones
  • $25,000 in new math workbooks the county could not pay for
  • $10,500 on water fountain replacements with water bottle fillers
  • $10,000 on hand air dryers to promote a greener school
  • $7,000 on teacher starter funds
  • $6,100 on math manipulatives

*These amounts DO NOT include the funds the PTO pays to subsidize field trips, educational supplies, and school beautification projects.

How can you help?

Donate to the Panther Fund! We recommend $100 per student which is in keeping with other schools in the area.  No donation is too big or too small!!!    If you would like to give more or less than the recommend amount, please make a donation by check.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

With over 1,000 children at Spring Hill Elementary if each family donated $100 per child we would have over $100,000.

Currently, only one-quarter of our families have donated to help our school.

Please join the fight to keep our school one of the top schools in Virginia. Imagine what we can accomplish with your help!

How Do I Contribute?

Donate online to the Panther Fund HERE

Download and fill out the PTO Member and Panther Fund Flyer here. Place it in an envelope with a check payable to Spring Hill PTO.  Return it to school in your child’s backpack and have them give it to their teacher or you can drop it off to the school office.  

Thank you for your generous support of our PTO and SHE School!

If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Committee Chair at

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