Science Fair 2018-2019

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Have you ever noticed how Science is all around us? It’s everywhere!

Can you think of any science question?  Yes?!  Then turn it into a science project.  

Bring your idea to the Spring Hill Science Fair and prizes will be awarded to the best science project in your grade!

Who can participate?

All Spring Hill students in grades K-6th can participate.

What can you do?

Think of any idea related to science and turn it into a science project:

  • an experiment
  • an object
  • some pictures with a description
  • whatever you’d like

Just as long as it’s related to science, it can be entered to win a prize.

When is the deadline?

All science projects are due Monday, February 11th before school.

Register for Science Fair

To register, please complete Spring Hill Science Fair Submission Form


Students will have the opportunity to explain their science projects to the judges immediately after school.

  • Students in Grades K-3 will be judged Monday, February 11th from 3:45-5 pm
  • Students in Grades 4-6 will be judged Tuesday, February 12th from 3:45-5 pm

Prizes Awarded – Science is Fun Gala

One person from each grade will win 2 free movie tickets for the best science project.

Science is all around us and we want to celebrate!  

Prizes will be awarded at the Science is Fun Gala on Wednesday, February 13th from 6-7 pm.

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