The Spring Hill yearbook is enjoyed by many students and an exciting way for everyone to remember the school year, friends, teachers, clubs, classes, and all the amazing school events and parties.


What makes a successful yearbook?

  • For every student to be photographed in the yearbook!
  • LOTS of school related photo submissions from families and teachers.
  • For ALL students to feel a sense of school unity and Panther Pride!

How do I submit my photos?

Throughout September to April, you can submit any school related photos you would like to see in the yearbook.  If you want to see your child in the yearbook, please submit your photos.

Fancy camera are not required.  Cell phone photos work great!

The Spring Hill yearbook is produced by Lifetouch.

Submit your photos to the Lifetouch Yearbooks Community Upload Website
Enter school access code: UDSNX

Lifetouch Community Upload


What kind of photos are acceptable?

ONLY school related photos.  These are photos that were taken at school related events.

Examples: Cafeteria photos with friends, field trip, class parties, recess, school events like the Book Fair, bus stop, and photos with teachers/administrators/staff.

We will NOT accept photos with school friends that took place at a personal event.

When do I order a yearbook?

Yearbooks generally go on sale in April.

The price of a yearbook range from $20-$25 depending on the options.

Free yearbooks are available to those who meet the financial criteria. Please contact the school Guidance Counselors, Dr. Judy Trigiani ( and Dona Sasala (


Thank you for your photos and support!!!!

Please contact the Yearbook Committee at with any questions.

Lifetouch Community Upload

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