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Calling All Room Parents

Welcome Room Parents to the 2022-2023 School Year!

Room parents are a wonderful way to connect with your child’s teacher and fellow students. This year each classroom should have two primary room parents (maximum of 3 per class).

Teachers will be collecting names and email addresses of those individuals interested in the Room Parent role. If you are interested in becoming your child’s classroom Room Parent, please reach out to your child’s teacher.  We are asking teachers to submit names and emails by Tuesday, Sept. 20th.

You volunteered to be a room parent –    now what? 

Room Parent Checklist:

STEP 1:  Email your classroom teacher and introduce yourself/offer to meet (in-person or virtually)

Out of respect for the teacher’s time, please coordinate mutual availability with the other room parent(s) so there is only one meeting.

The meeting should be an information session for the room parent/s to find out from the teacher how they would like the room parent/s to communicate PTO information and other general information throughout the year with classroom parents.

STEP 2: Request parent email list from teacher. Email the classroom parents introducing yourself and request a classroom donation.

You can use the Sample Room Parent Welcome Letter or create your own email/letter. This letter should outline what information you will be providing to parents throughout the year as the room parent including:

1. Importance of joining the Spring Hill PTO and signing up for weekly communication via The Scoop (e-newsletter).

2. Outline the ask for classroom donations and how this money will be used for class parties, programs, and teacher gifts throughout the school year.

STEP 3 :  Collect classroom donations 

The room parent will collect and track a one-time classroom donation  (requested amount is typically $35 per child). Some requests may be different due to program needs unique to certain grades. The classroom donations are used for class parties, programs, and teacher gifts throughout the school year.

The money should be collected electronically via PayPal or Venmo. Checks/cash should only be used for special exceptions.

The room parent should keep a tracking log (Sample Class Funds Tracking Log for money collected, as well as money spent.  At any point throughout the year the room parent should be able to provide parents access to how classroom donations are being used.

Teacher Gifts are given:

1. Teacher’s birthday (or ½ birthday)
2. Winter Holiday (December)
3. Staff Appreciation Week (May)
4. End of the Year (June)

STEP 4 :  Continue touchpoints with the teacher throughout the year

You will share communication from the PTO and the classroom teacher to the other class parents across the year. You will be the liaison for sharing information and the PTO Room Parent Coordinator will support your efforts and answer any questions along the way.

Room Parent Documents and Resources

Click HERE for important documents, templates, and resources to help you get started as a room parent.

Contact the Room Parent Committee Chair for login credentials.

The documents and resources you will find on this page are for Room Parents ONLY.

Please keep the information in these documents confidential. 

Please contact the Room Parent Committee Chairs with any questions at
Thank you for your time and energy as a volunteer room parent!

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