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Calling All Room Parents

Welcome Room Parents to the 2019-2020 school year!  

Thank you for volunteering to be a room parent for your child’s classroom..  Your time and effort is invaluable in making Spring Hill Elementary a special school.  

You are signed up to be a room parent – now what?  

Room Parent Checklist:

STEP 1:  Attend the Room Parent “101” Meeting – Monday, Sept. 16th in the Large Pod.

This meeting will provide an overview of the roles & responsibilities of the room parent team, and provide some best practices for a successful year. At least one room parent from each classroom should attend this meeting.

If you could not attend the meeting, click HERE to download the Room Parent Orientation Meeting Presentation.

STEP 2:  Identify a Lead or Co-lead Room Parent/s, Treasurer and Fun Fair point person.

Most teachers will appreciate having one room parent be the primary point of contact.  This lead room parent should be the primary person communicating with the teacher, as well as communicating with the classroom parents when appropriate information needs to be shared (ex. special events such as classroom parties).

The treasurer will be responsible for collecting classroom funds (ideally via PayPal or Venmo), and tracking these funds throughout the year.  

The Fun Fair point person will take the lead in communicating information about Fun Fair, and finding volunteers from the classroom parents for the March event.

It is recommended that each classroom has 4-6 room parents. 

STEP 3 :  Email your classroom teacher & introduce yourself and the other room parents and set-up a face-to-face meeting.

This meeting should take place after the Sept. 16th Room Parent meeting, and ideally before the end of September.  The meeting should be an information session for the room parents to find out from the teacher how they would like to communicate PTO events with all parents, any special requests for parties & events and any other topics the teacher wants to review.

STEP 4 :  Request parent email list from teacher, and email the classroom parents introducing yourself & the other room parents, as well as request classroom funds.

You can utilize the Sample Room Parent Welcome Letter, or formulate your own email/ letter. This letter should outline what information you will be providing to parents throughout the year as room parents including:

      1. Importance of joining the Spring Hill PTO and utilizing the PTO website.
      2. Communication on class parties/ PTO special events like Fun Fair.
      3. Outlining the ask of classroom donations and what this money will be used for.
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STEP 5 :  Collect classroom donations (treasurer)

The room parent treasurer should take the lead in collecting classroom funds.  The majority of grades will have a $35 suggested donation per student. Some grade levels suggested donation may be more based on special events.  The money should be collected electronically via PayPal or Venmo.  Checks/cash should only be utilized in special exceptions.  

The treasurer should keep a tracking log (see below – Sample Class Funds Tracking Log) for both funds collected, as well as funds spent.  At any point throughout the year the treasurer should be able to provide parents access to how classroom donations are being utilized.  

It is up to the room parent committee in each class to determine how funds are being spent.  The recommended split is $10/student for classroom parties and events, and $25/ student for teacher gifts throughout the year.  

Teacher Gifts are given:

        1. Teacher’s birthday (or ½ birthday)
        2. Winter Holiday (December)
        3. Staff Appreciation Week (May)
        4. End of the Year (June)

There are also 4 parties each school year: 

        1. Halloween (October)
        2. Winter Holiday (December)
        3. Valentine’s Day (February)
        4. End of Year (June)

STEP 6 :  Continue touchpoints with the teacher throughout the year.

Room Parent Documents and Resources

Click HERE for important documents, templates, and resources to help you get started as a room parent.

The documents and resources you will find on this page are for Room Parents ONLY.

Please keep the information in these documents confidential. 

Contact the Room Parent Committee Chairs for login credentials.


Please contact the Room Parent Committee Chairs with any questions at

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