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What Is The Panther Fund?

The Panther Fund is Spring Hill PTO’s direct donation fundraiser. Each year the PTO sponsors programs, events, and enrichment opportunities to enhance our children’s educational experience. Where FCPS funding ends, Spring Hill families leap in!

How Is The Money Spent?

Your Panther Fund donation directly supports the PTO’s budgeted activities, events, and special one-time purchases.  In 2018-2019, the PTO spent over $120,000 on annual programs, events, and appropriations requested by PTO parents, teachers, and the school administration to purchase supplies and pay for activities not funded by FCPS.The Panther Fund ensures that Spring Hill Elementary maintains its ability to be an exciting and stimulating environment for our children by supporting programs such as:

  • Educational Support – Supplies to support classroom learning including:
    • $25,000 for math workbooks
    • $15,000 for book room enhancements and engaging leveled texts
    • $20,000 for subsidizing field trips, STEAM events, library books, cultural assemblies, and grade-level events like Colonial Day
  • Technology Investments
    • Smart-boards in each classroom
    • $32,000 to replace outdated computers
    • Developed new PTO website and store to streamline financial transactions (saving the PTO $6000 annually), and much more
  • Staff Support
    • $14,000 given to teachers for beginning of the year and mid-year classroom enhancements
    • Professional development and training
    • Annual support for classroom supplies
    • Teacher appreciation events
  • Facility Improvements
    • $10,500 to install water bottle fillers
    • $22,000 for new rugs in classrooms and library, 
    • Tables for art classrooms 
    • Shelving for musical instrument storage
    • School beautification projects
  • Sponsored Events
    • After School Activities
    • Chess Club
    • Parent University 
    • Community building activities like the Block Party, Taste of Spring Hill, and the Fun Fair
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How Can You Help?

Donate to the Panther Fund!  We recommend $100 per student, which is in keeping with other schools in the area, but any and all donations are greatly appreciated. 

The Spring Hill PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity so your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

With over 1,000 children at Spring Hill Elementary if each family donated $100 per child we would raise $100,000.  

Does your Employer have a Corporate Matching Program?

Please take a moment to see if your employer has a Corporate Matching program.  Companies that provide this amazing benefit match employee donations to eligible non-profits dollar for dollar! 

Check out our Corporate Matching page for more information.  If you need assistance determining if your company provides this program or have questions, email the VP of Fundraising at

How Do I Contribute?

Click on the link below or visit the PTO Shop to donate online.

Thank you for your generous support of our PTO and Spring Hill Elementary!

If you have any questions, please contact the VP of Fundraising at

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