Parent University

What is Parent University?

Parent University is our parent education series and supported by SHE’s Counseling Department and PTO.  Parent University offers Spring Hill families FREE lectures by knowledgeable guest speakers.  Topics are chosen based on feedback from formal and informal surveys. 

Parent University equips parents with new information, skills, resources, strategies and refreshes their knowledge about children and parents. You will take home nuggets about building a healthy relationship with your children.

Lecture Dates:

Location:  Large Pod

Some Parent University lectures are streamed on live on Facebook.  If you would like to see a video of these events, please click HERE.

October 18 – Raising Children to Manage Themselves: Executive Functioning

Review the elements of Emotional Intelligence and the science of Habit Formation and Self-Regulation. This session will review strategies to raising competent, self-directed kids who gradually become self-sufficient adults.

Speaker: Eileen T. O’Grady PhD, RN, NP
Certified Nurse Practitioner and Wellness Coach
Founder of The School of Wellness

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November 15 – Parenting Anxious Children: Prevention and Treatment in the Elementary Years

Description and early signs of common anxiety disorders. The role of avoidance in maintaining anxiety. Parenting strategies for kids struggling with it.

Speaker: Monique Reynolds, Ph.D. 
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Center for Anxiety and Behavior Change

January 17 – Why You Never Learned How to do Your Child’s Math Homework: A Primer on Math Instruction in the 2020 Classroom

This session will discuss how math instruction has changed since most of us parents were in elementary school.  We’ll highlight current best practices, why math seems so different now-a-days, and provide suggestions for supporting your child’s math development at school and at home.  A variety of examples will be presented that showcase how we support students learning the “why” behind math, rather than just the “how.”

Speaker: William Mosher 
School Based Technology Specialist
Spring Hill Elementary School

February 21 – Hot Topics on ADHD: Update on the Most Recent Findings in ADHD Research

Our understanding of ADHD has grown remarkably over the last decade. Dr. McCarthy will provide an up-to-date synopsis of the most exciting findings from neuroscience, brain imaging, genetics, and treatment studies. This critical research impacts diagnostic criteria, treatment options, and future expectations for children with ADHD and related disorders.

Speaker: Catherine McCarthy, MD
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
McLean, VA

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March 13 – Connection

This talk addresses how children connect to their caregivers, and how we can facilitate greater ease, cooperation, and joy by understanding these connections. Every caregiver will walk away with some strategies of how to better connect with the children in their lives.

Speaker: Meghan Leahy
Founder, ML Parent Coach
Columnist, Washington Post

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April 17 – TBD

Speaker: TBD


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