Box Tops

Earn FREE Money for Spring Hill!

Scan your Box Tops – new this year

Find out about the new Box Tops Program

Each Box Tops is worth 10 cents of free money to our school.

Please send in 20 Box Tops for Education to help reach 20,000 Box Tops:

1,000 students x 20 Box Tops = 20,000 Box Tops = $2,000!

Then the whole school celebrates!

Please attach your Box Tops to a sheet since it is easier to verify the Box Tops (complete code and valid date) – thank you!

If you have more than 50 Box Tops, please use extra sheets or send the Box Tops in a Ziploc bag with your name, grade and teacher’s name.

Please check your kitchen drawers and cabinets to help collect more Box Tops. We collect Box Tops year-round. Thank you!  Please send in as many Box Tops as you can.

Here’s a copy of the Box Tops raffle contest form:  PTO Box Tops Raffle Contest

No worries if you can’t locate the pink form, or need more boxes to tape or glue your Box Tops in (yay!), just print out this new form:  Box Tops Extra Form

Let’s have some fun! Get the grandparents and other family members in on the fun too.  Thank you for sending in all of your Box Tops, and helping provide this community service for Spring Hill Elementary School! 

If you have any questions, please contact the Box Tops Committee at

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