Fun Fair Map & Guide

Spring Hill’s annual Fun Fair is a day filled with carnival-type games, prizes, raffles, and more. Fun Fair tickets are not required for entry, but are needed to participate in games, activities and raffles. They can be purchased online in advance or on the day of Fun Fair.

We invite our whole community, along with their family and friends, to come out on Saturday, March 18th for a day of fun.

Map of Attractions

Click on the map below to help you find your favorite Fun Fair attractions!

Popular Attractions

Raffle Prizes – Room 117

The Fun Fair Prize Raffle is where you can win prizes like an iPad, an Xbox, and more! Simply put your name and telephone number on the back of a Fun Fair ticket and place it in the box for the raffle item of your choice. There is no limit to how many tickets you can place in a box.  Principal Eck will draw winners after Fun Fair closes at 2 pm, and winners will be announced during Monday’s morning announcements. If you have extra tickets, the raffle room is the perfect place to use them!  

We’ll have raffle boxes for some of our most exciting prizes at the ticket sales table the week before Fun Fair! So buy some extra discounted tickets and enter the raffle early – even if you won’t be able to join us for Fun Fair day.

Check out the raffle prize liST

Candy Clock – Cafeteria Stage

The traditional Cake Walk has been transformed into the Candy Clock! Like previous years, it relies on the talents of Spring Hill’s students and families to showcase their talents with homemade candy wreathes, rings, and leis.

For only 6 tickets, you can do the Candy Clock! Just like musical chairs, you dance around our circle to the music. If your number is called when the song stops, you are the lucky winner who takes home a candy creation!  

Click here for candy Clock details, instructions and examples
Deliver all completed wreaths and necklaces to the cafeteria stage before school March 13-March 17.

Special Notes:

  • All candy creations submitted to Candy Clock will be given out as prizes on the day of Fun Fair.
  • Once a candy creation has been handed in, it cannot be returned to the creator.

Mr. Nalley’s Barbershop – Room 115

This is the place to be to get a new look for Fun Fair.  Mr. Nalley will give you a snazzy new haircut (with your parent’s permission).

Sporty Spa – Hairstyles & Spray – Vestibule Near Door 7

Crazy hair is always the Fun Fair trend! Come over for braiding, spikes, and lots of hair paint sprayed in! You can have your nails painted, too, to look festive for the fair.  All that for only 8 tickets.

Soda Toss – Rooms 122 and 128

Enter our rooms filled with Cokes, Sprite, Dr. Peppers, Orange Crush and more! Your 6 tickets buy you the chance to catch a bottle in your ring, and bring a bubbly beverage home to enjoy!

Zoo Dip – Rooms 114 and 116

No Fun Fair would be complete without Zoo Dips I & II. These fun-filled rooms are overflowing with fabulous stuffed animals of all sizes.  It’s a blast to play, and 3-10 tickets are needed for the chance to win your new favorite stuffie.

Face Painting – Art Room

Back this year by popular demand! Pick a design then sit back and relax while you get your new look!

Games and Activities – Refer to Map for Locations

Your other favorite games and activities are back! Come and experience them ALL!

Fishing Hole: Cast your fishing pole over the curtain! Reel it in and get rewarded a prize!

Lucky Ducky: Choose one of the ducks in our ponds. Flip it over to find a number then match that number to a bin of amazing prizes where you can select your own!

Candy Wheel: Spin the giant candy wheel. Wherever it lands, that’s what candy you take home. You can win tokens too!

Candy Counter: Look at our table full of containers of candy. Then give us your best guess at how many pieces are in your selected container. If you get it right, it’s yours!

Lollipop Stand: Choose your favorite flavor of lollipop from the assortment on our giant stand. If there’s a red dot on the end, you get a bonus token. You’re a winner either way!

Clown Toss: How’s your spiral? Test out your quarterback skills and throw the football at our clown target. Get a token for each successful pass!

Wheel of Fun: Take your chances on our colorful wheel and give it a spin! It lands on a number and you win that many tokens, up to 5!

Plinko: Our own mini-version of the Price is Right classic! Step up to the top of the board and launch your plinko ring down to get points. Your point total will translate to tokens!

Archery: Do you always hit the bullseye? You get the chance to shoot three arrows at our targets to win tokens!

Bean Bag Toss: Just like it says, toss your bean bags at our targets (photos of Mrs. Eck and Mrs. Briggs!) However many bean bags you get through the holes, that’s the number of tokens you will receive.

Pinata Tip: No swinging bats here! Test your aim and pitch a bean bag at our pinata targets. Get a token for each one you knock over!

Putt-Putt: Are you undefeated on the mini golf course? Show us your stuff and take your three chances to sink a putt. Earn one token for every hole-in-one!

Laser Tag – Gym

Visit the gym for a chance to battle friends in a fast-paced game of laser tag.

Prize Room – Room 113

Let’s not forget the always popular Prize Room.  Those tokens earned playing games can be turned in for lots of different types of prizes.  There is something for everyone. Visit early and often!

Free Tote Bags – At the Door

Upon arriving at Fun Fair, be sure to pick up your free tote bag at the front door entrance (available while supplies last).  You’ll need it to keep track of all your loot. Many thanks to Dr. Chand with McLean Family Dentistry for this donation!


There will be limited parking at the school and Spring Hill Rec Center. The Hamlet Pool and Shiloh Baptist Church have kindly offered additional parking. Feel free to use the lots at these locations or consider walking, biking or carpooling. In the past, tickets have been given for parking in illegal, undesignated spots around the school and in subdivisions.  

Guidance and Assistance – Main Office

In the event of an emergency, come to the main office or alert one of the security volunteers in the security vests.  Please remember to arrange meeting times and locations with your children if you are separated.

Where to Purchase Tickets:

Online in SHOP – NOW through March 10th
Front Lobby – March 13 – 17
After School at Back Door Pick-up Area (Door 7) – March 13-16
At the Door with a Price Increase – Day of Fun Fair, March 18

Tickets are needed for games, activities and the Fun Fair Raffle.

Buy Early and Save!

Pre-Sale Prices
$34 tickets$0.75/ticket
$1420 tickets$0.70/ticket
$2540 tickets$0.63/ticket
$4580 tickets$0.56/ticket
$56100 tickets$0.56/ticket
Day of Fun Fair Prices
$34 tickets$0.75/ticket
$1520 tickets$0.75/ticket
$3040 tickets$0.75/ticket
$6080 tickets$0.75/ticket
$75100 tickets$0.75/ticket

See below to determine how many tickets are required for your favorite games and activities.

TIP: If you have any unused tickets, use them in the raffle!  Names and phone numbers are required for tickets used in the raffle (and a good idea in case a bag of tickets gets lost!)  

Number of TicketsActivity
1Prize Raffle
3Fishing Hole, Lollipop Stand,
Lucky Ducky, Zoo Dip (1 Draw)
5Archery, Bean Bag Toss, Candy Clock,
Clown Toss, Piñata Tip, Putt-Putt,
Zoo Dip (2 Draws)
6Candy Clock, Candy Counter,
Candy Wheel, Laser Tag, Plinko,
Soda Toss, Wheel of Fun
8Sporty Spa, Face Painting, Henna
10Zoo Dip (5 Draws)
15 tickets or $10Mr. Nalley’s Barbershop

Spirit Week

The week leading up to Fun Fair will be Spirit Week at school.

Mellow Monday – March 13 – Wear comfy clothes/PJs

Team Tuesday – March 14 – Wear your favorite jersey

Wacky Hair Wednesday – March 15

Twinning Thursday – March 16 – Dress like a friend

Friday – March 17 – Spring Hill Spirit Day – show your Panther Pride!

Be sure you’re ready for Spring Hill Spirit Day on March 17th by ordering your spirit wear now. Visit the SHE Spirit Wear Store to stock up on your Spring Hill gear. We suggest placing your order ASAP as we are still experiencing shipping delays.