Book Fair

Thank you to the SHE Community, Administrators, Teachers, Staff, and Parents for making our in person 2021 Book Fair a huge success!  The Panthers were so excited to Prowl for the Purrfect Book! 

A special thank you to:

Principal Eck, Vice Principal Briggs, Vice Principal Casey for their support and enthusiasm to hold the event. 

Mr. McCann and Mr. VanOrmer for loaning the gym to the Book Fair for the week (and one day.)

Mr. Tran and the custodial staff for helping with moving furniture and our custodial needs.  

Mr. Heredia Serrano and Ms. Allen for their tech support and expertise.

Ms. DeVylder for all of her support, coordination, organization and book knowledge.

The Book Fair Committee Members, Jessica Ailani, Hyoju Chun, Katie Colosi, Meaghan Gay, Cindy Merson, and Christina Murphy!

And a BIG THANK You to all of our volunteers: Octavian Afteni, Lorin Agerstrand, Fran Ali, Sheri Alsafi, Greer Armandroff, Veronica Barros, Randal Bennett, Betsy Bensten, Regina Bensten, Josh Brainard, John Change, Lianxin Che, Julie Easter, Nicole Farwell, Kim Fisher Mital Ginwala-Jain, Ethel Glen, Bruno Gusmao, David Guthrie, Sarah Guthrie, Jayoung Han, Kelly Hare, Phyllis Hashemi, Amy Hathaway, Rhea Henderson, Leijla Huric, Karen Ingulli, Jen Jacoby, Haley Jo, Maryam Koushafar, Jan Kerwin, Amanda Krol, Danielle Lasley, Li Li, Kristine Lowe, Jennifer McCarthy, Ryan Miller, Lori Mills, Megha Mirchandani, Amanda Mosher, Bill Mosher, Elvareen Mukhim, Tania Ortega, Hyejung Park, Brian Pascual, Stephanie Peebles, Erin Phillips, Susannah Porteous, Hope Saadat, Kim Saxenian, Melissa Seewald, Hillary Shipp, Helen Sim, Katie Steele, Jasmina Vlaisavljevic, Julia Wood, Neda Yazdani, and Kathryn Zecca.

Thank you,
Nikki Abramson and Emalie Coen
Book Fair Co-Chairs 2021-2022

Book Worm Central

Remember that you can continue shopping online for books in support of Spring Hill and get a head start on your holiday shopping. Visit, click on “Find Your School” and enter Spring Hill.

Poster Contest

Thank you to all those students who submitted amazing posters for the Book Fair! View the winning designs here.