Fun Fair Tickets

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Buy Your Tickets Early and Save!

Fun Fair tickets are not required for entry, but are needed to participate in all games, activities and raffles. They can be purchased online in advance or on the day of Fun Fair. Discounted Tickets are sold in $10 bundles (25 tickets per bundle)

Where can I buy tickets?

Online at the
PTO Shop

March 11

Tickets will be distributed
to students the week
before Fun Fair. 

Front Lobby
Before School

March 14 – March 18
Monday – Friday
8:30 – 9:00 am

CASH (preferred)
(make out to “Spring Hill PTO”)

Outside Door 7
After School

March 14 – March 17
Monday – Thursday
3:30 – 4:00 pm

CASH (preferred)
(make out to “Spring Hill PTO”)

The Day of Fun Fair

On Saturday, March 19th, tickets will be sold in the FRONT LOBBY ONLY.  

You may pay by CREDIT CARD, CASH or CHECK (make out to “Spring Hill PTO”).

Ticket ComparisonBuy Early and Save!

(# of tickets)
Day of Fun Fair
(# of tickets)

We strongly encourage buying tickets in $10 or $20 dollar increments.

Don’t forget to put your name and telephone number on the back of EACH ticket for raffles and in case your tickets get lost.

How Many Fun Fair Tickets Do I Need?

Make sure you buy enough tickets for Fun Fair.  See below to determine how many tickets are required for your favorite games and activities. Be sure to buy enough tickets to take your chances on raffle items too.  

TIP: If you have any unused tickets, use them in the raffle!  Names and phone numbers are REQUIRED for tickets used in the raffle (and a good idea in case a bag of tickets gets lost!)  

Number of TixActivity
1Prize Raffle
3Fishing Hole, Lollipop Stand,
Lucky Ducky, Zoo Dip (One Draw)
5Archery, Bean Bag Toss, Candy Clock,
Clown Toss, Piñata Tip, Putt-Putt,
Zoo Dip (Two Draws)
6Candy Counter,
Candy Wheel, Laser Tag, Plinko,
Soda Toss, Wheel of Fun
8Sporty Spa
10Zoo Dip (5 Draws)
25 tix or $10Mr. Nalley’s Barbershop

If you have any questions regarding Fun Fair tickets, please contact