The best teams are made up of amazing leaders and members.  The Spring Hill PTO Board is comprised of dedicated members of our community who generously share their skills and time.  We are constantly recruiting new people to join our team. If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us. Please join our team! 

PTO Executive Board

President:  ***SEEKING VOLUNTEER  (springhillptopresident@gmail.com)
President-Elect:  ***SEEKING VOLUNTEER  (springhillptopresidentelect@gmail.com)
Treasurer:  Jennifer McCarthy  (springhillptotreasurer@gmail.com)
Secretary:  Kristin Magur  (springhillptosecretary@gmail.com)
VP of Fundraising: Shannon Durrant  (springhillptofundraiser@gmail.com)
Vice President of Technology:  Preety Wang  (springhillptotech@gmail.com)
Vice President (Faculty):  Katherine Ciullo  (klciullo@fcps.edu)
Past President:  Denys King

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General Board


Membership/Donations:  Shannon Durrant and Julie Delong (springhillptomembership@gmail.com)
Bids for Kids (BFK): ***SEEKING VOLUNTEERS (springhillptofundraiser@gmail.com)
Spirit Wear:  Ellie Holden & Archana Arun (springhillptospiritwear@gmail.com)
Vendor Bonus Program:  ***SEEKING VOLUNTEERS (springhillptovbp@gmail.com)
Box Tops:  Jen Frankel (springhillptoboxtops@gmail.com)

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Outside School Activities (OSA):  Nuzzath Sameullah and Kate Kalis (springhillptoosa@gmail.com)
Art Appreciation:  Jenny Champoux and Mark Shankfroff  (springhillptoartappreciation@gmail.com)
Green Initiative:   (springhillptogreeninitiative@gmail.com)
Parent University: Kate Kalis

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Block Party:  Colette Bryan and Jennifer Frankel  (springhillptospecialevents@gmail.com)
Book Fair:  Christina Murphy, Francis Gilmore, & Hyoju Chun  (springhillptobookfair@gmail.com)
Book Fair/Ice Cream Social:  Jessica McMichaels
Science Fair Committee:  ***SEEKING VOLUNTEERS  (springhillptosciencefair@gmail.com)
Walk to School Week:  Jill Holloman & Liz Van Dyke
Fun Run:  ***SEEKING VOLUNTEERS  (springhillptofunrun@gmail.com)
Sixth Grade Party:  ***SEEKING VOLUNTEERS  (springhillpto6thgradeparty@gmail.com)
Yearbook Advisers:  Lulee & Zan Maynard  (springhillptoyearbook@gmail.com)
Fun Fair:  Stacy Kerzner & Archana Arun  (springhillptofunfair@gmail.com)

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Directory:  Julie Delong & ***SEEKING CO-CHAIR  (springhillptodirectory@gmail.com)
Room Parents:  Kerry Desai & Hillary Shipp  (springhillptoroomparent@gmail.com)
Library Volunteers:  Maryam Malik (springhilllibraryvolunteer@gmail.com)
Spring Hill Cares (SHC):  Tammy Thornsbury  (springhillptoshcares@gmail.com)
Staff Appreciation:  Alison Smith, Nicole Muehr, Betsy Bensten, Jessica Carter & Kat Gamao  (springhillptostaffappreciation@gmail.com)
School Supplies:  Liz Davis
Birthday Board:  Susan Connery
Corporate Governance Committee: ***SEEKING VOLUNTEER

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Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors Coordinator:  Michelle Garcia (springhillptopac@gmail.com)

Arabic:  Zainab AlKateb
Spanish and French:  Isabelle Pryce
Portuguese:  Daniela Silva
Korean:  Hyoju Chun
Turkish:  Hulya Dogan
Chinese:  Hua Peimin & Stacy Zhu
Farsi:  Ladan Nilchi
Russian:  Ellie Holden
Hindi:  Mary Tank
Urdu, Telugu and Hindi:  Nuzzath Khan
Danish:  Maura Logan
Vietnamese:  Thuan Pham
Military:  Lisa Thompson
Returning Diplomat:  Jay Lessard
Special Needs:  Deena Parla & Debb Hackett

If you are interested in getting more involved or have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us. Please join our team!

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